Naming a Trust Protector

A Trust Protector can be named in a trust agreement when it is drafted, or appointed later if the terms of the trust so allow.

In order for us to consider accepting the role of Trust Protector, please complete the Intake Form below and submit the Trust Agreement/Draft via email here.

There is no charge to have a trust reviewed to determine if TrustProtector, LLC accept service as a Trust Protector, or to determine fees.  The fees for serving as Trust Protector vary depending on a number of factors, including duties, type and size of trust, and number of beneficiaries. A quote will be provided upon review of the trust. Typical base fees range from $1,800 to $6,000 annually.

TrustProtector, LLC can be appointed for a one time action. For that, the administrative fee would be $975.00. TrustProtector, LLC would hire counsel to perform the work involved and bill those chargers through the trust.

Intake Form

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Please remember to submit the Trust Agreement/Draft via email here.